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Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas

Smoke and fire damage doesn't have to leave a permanent mark. Spire Construction & Remodeling can help you rebuild your home as good or even better than it was before. We specialize in smoke and fire restoration services in the Dallas Metroplex area. We will work diligently to return your home to the beautiful, livable space it was before the fire.


Let us know if your home has recently experienced smoke or fire damage. We'll send out a pro to help you assess the damage and necessary restoration steps immediately.


We Can Help in the Aftermath of Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire is a challenging time for any household, but your home doesn't have to stay burnt and out of service for long. With expert smoke and fire damage restoration services, your home will soon be rebuilt back to its former glory - or maybe even a little better.


Fire restoration services involve the removal of sensitive items, the cleaning of anything that can be restored, and rebuilding what can't be restored. We might repaint a wall or replace a few sections of drywall, depending on the extent of the damage. Whether you have experienced a kitchen fire, bathroom fire, or just smoke damage from a clogged flue, Spire Construction & Remodeling will work with your insurance to quickly restore the quality and aesthetic of your home.


Get Back to Business Quickly After a Fire

Don't let a little fire or smoke damage impact your business continuity. As a business, you know that keeping the doors open is essential, and you need to resume operations as soon as possible after a fire or smoke incident has occurred. Spire Construction & Remodeling will work quickly to deep-clean, deodorize, and restore your office space so that you can resume operations shortly after your heated interruption. Not only does Spire Construction offer fire restoration, but we also offer many other remodeling and construction services in the DFW area.


Steps to Restore Fire Damage

Spire Construction & Remodeling can help you fully restore your home or business after fire damage by first containing, then decontaminating, and rebuilding the entire damaged space. Let's go through what you can expect from fire and smoke restoration services step by step.

  • Assessment
    • First, we fully assess your home or business to discover the depth and extent of your fire damage. Some fire damage is soft discoloring of the wallpaper; some involve burnt-through supports - every fire and smoke incident is unique. 
  • Preventative Removal
    • Next, we will prevent further damage by removing furniture and items from the room and containing the soot with plastic sheeting.
  • Decontamination & Deep Cleaning
    • Once further damage is prevented, we will begin a deep cleaning and decontamination process to remove all staining soot and invasive ash from the premises so your home can be clean and healthy again.
  • Restoration Rebuilding
    • Finally, we use our construction expertise to rebuild your home wherever necessary to restore its previous charm. Walls, floors, ceilings, and doorways can be rebuilt. Molding can be replaced, and even windows can be restored.
  • Return Restored Items
    • Upholstery and other household items are deep-cleaned to remove soot and ash, then returned to the cleaned and restored space. 


Why You Can Trust Spire Construction After a Fire

Spire Construction & Remodeling is dedicated to providing top-notch restoration services to residents and business owners in the Dallas Metroplex area. We know that fire damage can put your entire schedule on hold, so we're here to restore your building and work with your insurance for a swift and satisfactory restoration experience. 


Get Fire Remediation Services Today

To book your initial consultation to restore your home or business after smoke and fire damage, contact us today. We look forward to showing you the Spire before and after experience.


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