Water Damage Restoration Service in Dallas, TX

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Water Damage Restoration Service

Water damage can happen in Dallas-Fort Worth for several reasons. Heavy rain with a roof leak, storm damage, plumbing leaks, and the occasional exploding sink faucet can soak your home, walls, furniture, and more. While the water damage is terrible, softening drywall and hardboard and leaving damp stains, mold is the real problem.


Water damage restoration and repair services in Dallas are essential for homeowners who have recently experienced flooding from a roof or plumbing leak. Spire Construction & Remodeling will work closely with your insurance to ensure your home is fully mitigated and restored after recent water damage.


Water Damage at Home? We Can Help

When your home has experienced water damage, immediate action is necessary to save the structure from growing mold or long-term structural weakness. Compromised drywall may need to be replaced, and professional drying measures may be required to get your home back to livable conditions. Spire Construction & Remodeling is here for you with all the interior restoration services you need to recover your home caused by storm damage, plumbing problems, and leaky roofing.


Services for Flood Damaged Homes

Spire Construction & Remodeling can help you restore your home after flooding and water damage. We can handle anything from minor interior repairs, to complete interior restoration, to rebuilding from significant structural damage. Here are the restoration services that Spire Construction & Remodeling can provide for water-damaged homes:


  • Complete structural drying
  • Interior drywall replacement and rebuild
  • Structural reconstruction
  • Flooring and Carpet restoration and replacement
  • Roofing repair and restoration
  • Basement and crawl space repair


 We'll handle your water damage restoration and repair from the carpet pad under your carpet to the roof above your head.


Flood Damage Restoration Process

Restoring your house after a flood or severe water damage is necessary. Wondering what to expect? Spire Construction & Remodeling can take you through the process one step at a time to make it easy.


  1. Complimentary assessment
  • We will help you determine the full extent of the damage and restoration project with a free in-home assessment scheduled immediately after you contact us about your home.
  1.     Drain excess water
  • If there is any remaining flood water in your home, we'll drain, dry, and remove it so that no remaining puddles continue to cause a problem. Flood water removal is absolutely vital before repairing the rest of the damage caused by water. 
  1.     Remove anything damaged beyond repair.
  • If any carpet, furniture, or fixtures are damaged to the point where they cannot be restored or repaired, debris will be removed to make way for restorations.
  1.   Clean and decontaminate
  • This step is very important. We will deep-clean your home, removing the risk of hidden mold colonies, mildew, and bacteria from the flood lingering in your house.
  1.   Fully dry and dehumidify
  • Next, we'll bring in industrial-sized fans and dehumidifiers to pull the remaining flood moisture from your home. This will help preserve the integrity of your beams and drywall, make it possible to save the floors, and prevent future mold growth.
  1.   Replace and rebuild
  • Finally, we will take any rebuilding, restoration, and repair actions needed to bring your home back to complete, welcoming, and livable.



Choose Spire Construction for Water Damage Cleanup

Spire Construction & Remodeling is dedicated to saving Dallas-Fort Worth homes from flood damage with expert restoration and building services. Whether your home has suffered storm damage, roof leaks, or a plumbing disaster, Spire Construction & Remodeling has the expert teams and experience you can count on to fully recover the beauty and safety of your home after water damage occurs. From structural rebuilds to saving your carpet, we are available for on-demand and emergency water damage restoration services when your home is in need. Click here to see more construction and remodeling services that we provide



Richardson Storm & Flood Damage Restoration & Repair Experts

Whether the repairs you need are big or small, Spire Construction & Remodeling to recover your Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex home from recent water damage. Contact us today for water damage remediation services. Let us know, and we'll send out a technician immediately for a free water damage consultation.


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