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Typical Bathroom Remodel Costs

The typical cost of bathroom remodeling in Dallas, Texas ranges from $2,500 to $41,000+. The substantial cost will depend on the extent you want to go with remodeling and the size of your bathroom. The first step you will need is to develop a budget for the remodeling and list the exact areas you want to be renovated. 

To get the most accurate cost, consult Spire Construction & Remodeling. We specialize in bathroom remodels in Dallas and surrounding areas. We are flexible in working with you on a project that fits your budget.


Factors in Calculating the Cost of Bathroom Remodels

Among the most complex aspects of estimating bathroom remodel is determining what constitutes a remodel. To some people, all they think of is a new coat of paint, a new sink, and vanity, while to others, it is replacing the toilet, flooring, and tiling and installing a new tub.

These different aspects widen the price range. In addition, a variety of items are used for similar purposes with diverse prices. You will need to contemplate the following factors before you begin calculating what you want against your budget.



We all need storage for that extra soap, cleaning detergent, and shampoo in our bathroom. As much as some bathrooms avoid such storage, some have a storage cabinet or vanity. Depending on your budget, you can remodel or replace your wardrobe. Depending on the cabinetry size and style, you can pay between $300 and $3,800+.



If you are a first-time remodeler, a countertop doesn't always come attached to the vanity. With this, you can choose and install a vanity that you love and fits your design. Depending on the size and material of the countertop, you will typically pay anywhere between $200 - $1,000, or more.


Faucets and Plumbing

The cost of faucets and plumbing will depend on your house's age, when it was last renovated, the materials you choose, their price, and the permit and labor cost. The overall cost will range from $250 to $1,450+. 



When updating the appearance of your bathroom, replacing the fixtures with newer designs will make all the difference. You will need to be keen on the height of plumbing connections to avoid unnecessary costs. Fixtures are available in a local store and online, costing between $200 and $1,800+.



Depending on the size of the bathroom, expected waste, and the number of necessary cuts, the approximate cost for porcelain tile flooring is between $860 and $2,600+, while that of stone tile flooring is $900 to $2,800+. 


Walls, Doors, and Ceilings

Replacing the door in your bathroom is an easy task depending on the door's cost. On the other hand, walls and ceilings are difficult to fix. The cost of wall finishing, paint, tiles, or wallpaper depends on your selected finish. The painting price is approximately $200 and $5,000+, depending on the room size and the paint you choose.


Lighting and Ventilation

Remodeling the lighting and ventilation of your bathroom will brighten it and enhance its appearance. Lighting fixtures are available in local stores and online, but lighting stores offer them at the best prices. Replacing light fixtures will cost you from $100 to $400+, while ventilation costs an average of $50 to $300+. 


Additional Costs and Considerations

Besides labor and material cost, you should also consider the miscellaneous expenditure when building your budget. The additional charges will help you cover expenses as you purchase the materials. 


Do I Need a Bathroom Remodel?

Bathroom remodels are expensive, and unexpected costs always accompany them, and this is the point where you will rethink if you need the remodeling. You must remodel your bathroom to fix the visible faults and update the style and design.


Time to Work with Professionals at Spire Construction

Do you finally want to realize your dream of bathroom remodeling? Spire Construction & Remodeling will help you. Our qualified contractors will handle all the aspects of the project, allowing you to concentrate on other essential things in your life. Our primary services include restoration, remodels, flooring, painting, cabinets, tile, garage conversions, house additions, and masonry. For roofing services, contact Spire Roofing & Restoration. General contractors cover residential work from the ground to the roof. Please contact us today to realize your dream home.


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